The first day of Grade 4

And so another January dawns, and the darling little boy is making way for a lad whose arms seem to be sticking out from his shirtsleeves a little further every day. And even if the features are still those of a child, there are already glimpses of something to come, and the knowledge that half his time with us has come and gone.


Second year of playschool

Well, hello Miss Personality! To us, you are now the most wonderful combination of a careful, considerate little girl, a confident sister who walks in roads that were beaten for her, and a little princess. Don't ever grow up - it's a trap!

Our babygirl is off to playschool

Emma officially started playschool this week! In November last year, in an effort to give her a soft landing when she has to attend full time, we sent her off on a little visit every Wednesday. And it worked. She was so happy and eager to go to school and looked like an old campaigner once we got there.

Here is a photo from the "practice" first day of school.

The first "real" day of school: You know that old show business adage that says "never work with children or animals"... Well, luckily this mom got everyone up and ready super early so that we would have enough time for photos. Otherwise, we would have been late on the first day :-)

The first day of Grade 3


90 / 2015 Week 20 portrait

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.

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