About us

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Nani, and with my husband we are raising a 7-year old boy Daniel and a 2-year old girl Emma. The four of us live in Johannesburg (South Africa).  I also blog about our daily lives and being tourists in our own town on another blog, called Under our own olive tree.

When Emma was three weeks old, I joined a group of people who publish a portrait of their children once a week for 52 weeks. This specific project was started by Jodie from the blog Practising Simplicity. The idea was to capture photos that will tell the story of our children’s year, capturing their amazing growth and all the changes that happen in front of one’s eyes.

At times I’ve lost my blogging mojo, but lately I relish the change to take out my big camera and document the faces and adventures of my two wonderful kids.